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Molicare Nappies Medium SUPER 1 x 30s

Waist/Hip Measurement: 90-120cm. All-in-one incontinence briefs featuring a cloth-like outer cover and soft, breathable and water-repellent reinforced non-woven side panels covering the hip area.
Sales price: R 254,90

 Suitable for people with severe and very severe urinary and faecal incontinence and also for highly dependent or restless patients; particularly suitable for improving skin condition and/or reducing reddening.

pH skin neutral Dry Plus fluid distribution layer, odour neutralizing superabsorbent core and wetness indicator; with water-repellent, anatomically shaped and curved inner anti-leak cuffs; body-shaped pad with elastic leg gathers; tear-resistant stretch closure system with refastenable elastic tapes; provide reliable protection due to high absorbency, excellent moisture retention and extra leakage protection; the skin is reliably protected against rewetting; the briefs are breathable and thus provide a pleasantly dry climate next to the skin; hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested.

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